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Sonos Move 2 Smart Speakers: Elevate Your Audio Experience

The Sonos Move 2 Smart Speaker is movable and can work in all kinds of weather. It has high-quality music. It lets you control it with your voice, listen in more than one room, and connect easily to streaming services.

The Move 2 from Sonos raises the bar even higher. It’s a strong and smart speaker that can improve any music experience, indoors or out. This speaker has a sleek look and is made for people who want to be flexible without sacrificing sound quality.

Users can join via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which lets them play their favourite music from anywhere and at any time. With long-lasting sturdiness in mind, the Move 2 is built to handle the weather, so you can listen to music even when it rains.

There are easy-to-use control choices like touch controls, app functions, and voice commands since it works with popular voice assistants. For music lovers who need their music to go with them, the Sonos Move is the clear winner.

Features Of Sonos Move 2

The Sonos Move 2 is more than just a speaker. It’s a smart device that brings your music to life wherever you go. Let’s explore the standout features that make Sonos Move your perfect musical companion.


Sonos Move 2 shines in its easy-to-carry design. With a built-in handle, you can take your music on all your adventures.

Voice Control

Stay in command with your voice. Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to play music, check news, and manage smart devices.

Battery Life

  • Up to 11 hours of playtime
  • User-replaceable battery
  • Swift charging on the base

Water And Dust Resistance

Sonos Move 2 boasts an IP56 rating. It’s tough against splashes and dust, ensuring your music doesn’t stop.

Feature Detail
Portability Built-in handle for mobility
Voice Control It works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Battery Life 11 hours playtime, quick recharge
Water and Dust Resistance IP56-rated durability

Sound Quality

The Sonos Move isn’t just another smart speaker; it sounds great. The Move 2 changes the way you listen to music by filling your room with the cleanest, deepest, and most lively sound. Here are some of the things about this smart speaker that make it stand out:.

High-definition Audio

The Move 2 boasts high-definition audio capabilities. Each note and lyric jump out with crystal clarity. The Move 2 delivers unmatched detail, whether you’re listening to a podcast or streaming your favourite music. Your favourite sounds are not just heard but felt.

Rich Bass

  • Bold and powerful lows bring energy to every tune.
  • Deep bass technology ensures that the beat pulses with intensity.
  • No distortion, even at high volumes.

Equipped with smart, adaptive technology, the bass response is tailored to the room’s acoustics, ensuring you’re immersed in the music, no matter where you are.

Wide Soundstage

Imagine an audio landscape that’s expansive and enveloping. With the Move 2, the soundstage is impressively wide, making it feel like the artists are right there with you. Instruments and voices spread across the space, creating an engaging, live-performance atmosphere.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity lies at the heart of the Sonos Move 2 Smart Speakers. Embrace the freedom to stream music, podcasts, and more with ease. Whether at home or on the go, a variety of options ensure seamless audio experiences.


Sonos Move leverages your Wi-Fi network for uninterrupted streaming. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can access your favourite services without phone interference. Setup is a breeze via the Sonos app, putting control in your hands.

  • Stream without limits from popular services.
  • Control speakers with the Sonos app.
  • Group with other Sonos devices effortlessly.


Bluetooth compatibility transforms your speaker into a portable powerhouse. Take your Sonos Move 2 wherever you go. Quickly pair it with your device for immediate music enjoyment.

  1. Switch to Bluetooth with a single press.
  2. Pair with your smartphone or tablet easily.
  3. Enjoy your music anywhere, without Wi-Fi.


For a solid connection, plug into any Ethernet port. Get uninterrupted audio during high-traffic network times. A wired connection provides stability for streaming high-quality sound.

Connection Type Benefits
Wi-Fi Wide range, connects with other Sonos speakers
Bluetooth Portable and convenient for on-the-go use
Ethernet Stable connection, great for streaming high-quality audio

Sonos Move 2

Smart Home Integration

Imagine controlling your music with just your voice. The Sonos Move Smart Speakers do just that. These speakers blend seamlessly into your smart home system. They create a smooth, connected, and harmonious environment. Let’s explore how they integrate with your smart life.

Compatibility With Major Smart Home Platforms

The Sonos Move is not just a speaker; it’s a smart hub for your home. It works with many platforms. Here are the ones it can work with:

  • Amazon Alexa for voice commands
  • Google Assistant to manage tasks
  • Integration with Apple HomeKit for all your Apple devices
  • It works with IFTTT to connect with other smart devices

Control Via Smartphone Apps

You can take control of your speaker with your smartphone. A tap on your screen can change the song or volume. Download the Sonos app to control your music from anywhere. Here’s what you can do:

  • Change tracks, volume, and settings
  • Create a multi-room setup with other Sonos speakers
  • Access your favourite streaming services
  • Update your speaker software remotely

Multi-room Audio

Imagine music flowing through your entire home, perfectly in sync. Sonos Move 2 Smart Speakers bring this dream to life with multi-room audio capabilities. Dance to your favourite beats in any room. Enjoy crisp, high-quality sound everywhere. Are you ready for a deep dive into this audio masterpiece?

Unmatched Sound Quality

Delivering flawless sound reproduction that enthrals listeners is at the core of the Sonos Move 2. These smart speakers bring your favourite music, movies, and podcasts to life with their rich, immersive soundscapes, created with cutting-edge audio engineering and cutting-edge parts.

Every note is heard with unmatched clarity and depth thanks to the Sonos Move, whether you’re throwing a party or spending a quiet evening at home.

Synchronised Playback

Uniform sound in every corner of your home sets the Sonos Move apart. With synchronised playback, these speakers ensure that your tunes stay in harmony, no matter the room. It’s like having your own private orchestra follow you from room to room.

  1. Start a song in the living room.
  2. Continue humming along in the kitchen.
  3. Never miss a beat, even in the shower!

Grouping Speakers

Want different tracks playing in various spaces? Group your Sonos Move 2 speakers for a tailored experience. Create a group for upbeat dance numbers in the living room while calming melodies serenade you in the bedroom. Setup is a breeze, letting you customise zones like a pro.

  • Use the Sonos app for easy control.
  • Select speakers for each room.
  • Enjoy a personalised audio landscape.

From solo listening sessions to house parties, Sonos Move 2 has you covered. Your home will transform into an audio utopia. Get ready to revolutionise the way you listen.

Smart Speaker

Design And Durability

The Sonos Move 2 Smart Speaker seamlessly blends elevated aesthetics with rugged practicality. This synergy of form and function creates an audio device that is not only stunning to look at but also built to endure the rigours of everyday use. Let’s delve into the details.

Premium Build Quality

The Sonos Move 2 stands out with its sleek, high-end appearance. Crafted from quality materials, the speaker boasts a refined finish that complements any room. Its design reflects a thoughtful balance between modern charm and lasting resilience.

  • Sophisticated design suitable for various environments
  • Uses durable components for longevity
  • Maintains functionality with a visually appealing look

Ip Rating

With an IP56 rating, Sonos Move 2 is a champion of durability. This speaker is equipped to handle dust, water, and accidental falls. Enjoy your music indoors, outdoors, and in any weather without worry.

Protection Level Against Solids Against Liquids
5 Limited dust ingress
6 No dust ingress Powerful water jets

This IP rating ensures the speaker keeps playing even in challenging conditions. Whether it’s a splash at the pool or dusty trails, Sonos Move is ready.

Comparison With Sonos Move 1

The ever-evolving world of smart speakers brings us to the latest matchup: the Sonos Move versus its predecessor, the Sonos Move 1. Each generation of Sonos speakers aims to outdo the last with enhancements and innovations designed to elevate your listening experience. Let’s delve into the specifics that set these two apart.

Improved Features

The Sonos Move 2 steps up its game with a host of improved features:

  • Battery Life: Long-lasting beats keep the party going.
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity: Stay connected with flawless streaming.
  • Sound Quality: Crystal-clear highs meet deep lows for pure sound bliss.
  • Durability: Ready for action, the Move 2 is tougher than ever.

Price Difference

The Sonos Move comes with a price tag that reflects its advancements:

Model Price
Sonos Move 1 $399
Sonos Move 2 $429

The slight increase in cost brings a suite of enhancements worthy of the investment for a superior audio experience.


Frequently Asked Questions On Sonos Move 2 Smart Speakers

What Is The Sonos Move 2 Release Date?

The Sonos Move 2 has not been officially announced, so no release date is currently available.

How Much Does Sonos Move 2 Cost?

As of my last update, pricing details for the Sonos Move 2 have not yet been released.

Can Sonos Move 2 withstand outdoor conditions?

The original Sonos Move is weather-resistant; it’s expected the Sonos Move 2 will also be built for outdoor use.

What new features does Sonos Move 2 offer?

Specific features for the Sonos Move 2 remain speculative until an official announcement is made.

Is Sonos Move 2 compatible with voice assistants?

Sonos typically includes voice assistant support, so it’s likely that Sonos Move 2 will continue this trend.

Can I pair the Sonos Move with other Sonos speakers?

Sonos speakers are designed for seamless integration, so pairing with other Sonos speakers should be possible.


With the Sonos Move 2 Smart Speakers, it’s easy to move into the future of home music. They change the way people listen by being more portable, sounding better, and having smart features. These speakers are great for both deep music fans and casual users, and they claim to make every song sound better.

Discover the difference Sonos Move 2 can make in your sonic journey.