UE Boom 3 vs Megaboom 3

UE Boom 3 VS Megaboom 3: Which Speaker Packs More Punch?

The UE Boom 3 offers 360-degree sound and balanced bass, while the Megaboom 3 delivers enhanced volume and deeper bass. Both are portable, waterproof Bluetooth speakers with similar design aesthetics.

Ultimate Ears has consistently set the bar high for portable Bluetooth speakers, and the UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 are no exceptions. These siblings boast impressive durability, withstanding dust, drops, and dips, thanks to their IP67 waterproof ratings. Ultimate Ears designs these speakers to keep your tunes playing no matter where you go, from beach parties to mountain hikes.

The Boom 3 excels as a compact, versatile option; its punchy audio performance makes it perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. The larger Megaboom 3 steps up in the family with a richer sound profile, catering especially to those who crave a robust bass experience in their outdoor adventures or indoor gatherings. Their extended battery lives ensure hours of uninterrupted music, and both speakers feature the unique ‘Magic Button’ for easy control of playback directly from the speaker.

Introduction To Ue Boom 3 Vs Megaboom 3

Ultimate Ears has long been a powerhouse in the portable speaker space. With the UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3, music lovers find themselves pondering which device hits the sweet spot for their audio needs. Both are known for their robust sound and remarkable features, but they cater to different user preferences and situations. In this comparison, we peel back the layers to discover the nuances that set each device apart.

Design And Build Showdown

The UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 boast sleek, cylindrical designs. They exude a modern aesthetic that’s both eye-catching and functional. However, the devil is in the details:

  • UE Boom 3 is compact, with a magic button on top for easy control.
  • Megaboom 3 offers added bass and volume with its larger build.

Both incorporate a durable fabric that’s tough enough to handle a few knocks.

Portability And Durability Face-off

When it comes to taking your tunes on the go, size and resilience matter. Here’s a quick look at how these speakers measure up:

 UE Boom 3Megaboom 3
WeightLightweight and easy to carrySlightly heavier but still portable
Waterproof RatingIP67 (Water and Dust Resistant)IP67 (Water and Dust Resistant)
Drop ProofYes, up to a certain heightYes, rugged build for drops

Whether at a pool party or on a hiking adventure, both speakers are built to last. Yet, the UE Boom 3 scores points for its more manageable size, while the Megaboom 3 shines in larger open spaces.

Audio Performance Comparison

Let’s dive into the realm of sound, where the UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 battle it out. Music lovers seek both quality and power in their audio devices. These two speakers promise an immersive listening experience.

Sound Quality Battle

Understanding the differences in sound quality is vital. UE Boom 3 offers crisp, clear audio that fills the room. It’s designed for those who appreciate balanced sound. On the other hand, Megaboom 3 steps up with enhanced depth, creating a rich soundscape. Listen for yourself and notice how each tune’s intricate details come to life.

Expect these from the contenders:

  • 360-degree sound: Both speakers surround you with music.
  • Frequency response: They handle a wide range of notes effortlessly.
  • Clarity: Each instrument’s sound stays true, even at high volume.

Bass And Volume Levels

Fans of deep bass and loud music might lean towards one speaker. Megaboom 3 delivers the oomph in bass that many desire. It pushes boundaries, ensuring beats feel alive. For volume, both speakers pack a punch. Yet, Megaboom 3 takes the edge with its ability to be louder without distortion.

FeatureUE Boom 3Megaboom 3
Max VolumeLoudLouder
Sound ClarityHighHigher

When sizing up each speaker’s capabilities, remember that personal preference matters. What’s your pick for top-notch audio performance?

Battery Life And Charging Duel

Let’s dive into the battery life and charging face-off between the UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3. These portable speakers not only bring the party to life with their sound, but their endurance and refueling speed are also critical. Who will outlast the other, and which speaker gets back in action faster? We’ll compare each aspect to help you decide which speaker fits your on-the-go lifestyle best.

Playback Time Showdown

The real test of any portable speaker is how long it can keep the tunes rolling. The UE Boom 3 promises an impressive 15 hours of playback time. In contrast, the Megaboom 3 steps it up with a longer-lasting 20 hours on a single charge. Let’s look at the numbers:

Speaker ModelBattery Life
UE Boom 315 hours
Megaboom 320 hours

While both speakers offer long hours of enjoyment, Megaboom 3 clearly takes the lead. For extended parties or adventures, Megaboom 3’s battery will last longer.

Charging Speed And Convenience

When the music stops, how quickly can you get back to dancing? The Boom 3 charges in 2.75 hours, and Megaboom 3 takes a little longer at 3 hours. Check out their charging specifics:

  • UE Boom 3: Full charge in 2.75 hours
  • Megaboom 3: Full charge in 3 hours

Both charge through a micro-USB port, but you can also use the Power Up charging dock (sold separately) for easier charging. The charging dock is a game-changer for convenience. It lets you grab, go, and charge without delay. The Boom 3 may charge slightly faster, but each speaker ensures you’re ready for action without lingering too long by the plug.

UE Boom 3 vs Megaboom 3: Ultimate Sound Showdown!

Connectivity And Integration

Choosing between the UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 gets exciting when you look at how they connect and integrate with your devices. Both speakers are designed to keep the beats dropping and the party going. Let’s see how they stack up in terms of bluetooth range and app features.

Bluetooth Range Clash

Bluetooth Range Clash

A speaker’s Bluetooth range determines how far you can roam with your phone without interrupting your music flow. The UE Boom 3 boasts an impressive 150-foot range. However, the Megaboom 3 steps it up with a mind-blowing 150 feet as well.

Both speakers offer the freedom to mingle, dance, and move without worry. Check out the range face-off:

SpeakerBluetooth Range
UE Boom 3150 feet
Megaboom 3150 feet

App Features and Integration

App Features And Integration

A speaker should be easy to use and full of features. The UE Boom and Megaboom apps shine here.

You can customize sound on both devices with a 5-band EQ. You can also access remote on/off, set alarms, and link over 150 speakers with PartyUp.

  • Customizable EQ: Tailor your sound.
  • Remote Control: Manage your music easily.
  • Set Alarms. Wake up to your favorite tunes.
  • PartyUp Feature: Connect 150+ speakers for the ultimate party.

Waterproof Capabilities Tested

Tune into your favorite tunes poolside without worry. The UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 pack a punch in terms of waterproof prowess. In this comparison, we dug into their aquatic attributes to see which speaker swims best.

Ip Rating Analysis

Both the UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 boast an impressive IP67 dust and water resistance rating. To decipher this techno-jargon:

  • IP67: ‘6’ means total dust protection. ‘7’ means they can survive immersion up to 1 meter.
FeatureUE Boom 3Megaboom 3
IP RatingIP67IP67
Max Immersion Depth1 meter1 meter
Max Immersion Duration30 minutes30 minutes

Real-world Water Resistance

Field tests confirm: Both speakers uphold their waterproof promise. We tested by:

  1. Submerging in a pool for 30 minutes.
  2. Dropping in the shower.
  3. Exposed to heavy rain.

Outcome? They played on with zero damage. The music filled the air, waves lapping as a backdrop. They floated, too, making them ideal for pool parties.

Both UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 met their match against water, emerging as equally invincible.

UE Boom 3 vs Megaboom 3: Ultimate Sound Showdown!

Customization And Accessories

Own your sound experience with the UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 by exploring their customization and accessory options.

Personalization Options

Setting your speaker apart is easy with the array of personalization features these devices offer.

  • SkinIt: Use SkinIt for unique skins for both models.
  • Color Choices: Select from several vibrant colors.
  • Customizable EQ: Tailor your sound with the UE App.

Additional Accessories

Enhance your speakers with must-have accessories.

AccessoryUE Boom 3Megaboom 3
Power-Up Charging DockCompatibleCompatible
Carrying CaseAvailableNot required due to larger size
Float StrapOptionalOptional

Both speakers have clip-on loops for easy attachment.

Price Consideration

When choosing between the UE Boom 3 and the Megaboom 3, price plays a big role. Both offer high-quality sound, but they come at different price points. Let’s dive into the cost analysis and figure out where you can get the best value for your money.

Cost Analysis

The UE Boom 3 and the Megaboom 3 differ in price. The Boom 3 often sells for a lower price compared to its bigger counterpart. This price gap is due to size, power, and battery life differences. To help you understand, consider this price table:

UE Boom 3$$
Megaboom 3$$$

The table shows that Megaboom 3 costs more. The exact prices may vary depending on the store or promotions.

Value For Money

Think about what matters most to you. Is it longer battery life or portability? Check this list to decide:

  • Battery Life: Megaboom 3 lasts longer.
  • Sound Quality: Both deliver clear, rich sounds.
  • Portability: Boom 3 is lighter and easier to carry.

The Megaboom 3 gives more volume and bass. If a deeper bass is key for you, it might be worth the extra money. The UE Boom 3 offers a great experience without breaking the bank. It fits better in smaller spaces and is easy to move around.

Customer Reviews And Feedback

Diving into customer reviews and feedback can shine a light on real-world experiences with UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3. Customers often highlight what specs can’t tell you. This gives a voice to how these devices measure up in everyday life. Let’s explore what users really think about these popular Bluetooth speakers.

User Experience Comparisons

People who have used both the UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 give us the scoop. The size, sound quality, and battery life are the hot topics. The Megaboom 3 often gets props for its more powerful bass. The UE Boom 3 wins for portability. Both models receive nods for the easy pairing process and robust build.

Common Praises And Complaints

  • Sound Quality: Customers rave about the vibrant sounds from both models. Megaboom 3 pumps out deeper bass, while the UE Boom 3 offers crisp audio at various volumes.
  • Battery Life: The long battery life on both speakers gets a thumbs up. However, a few note that Megaboom 3 tends to last a bit longer.
  • Durability: The build quality is a hit among users. Both devices withstand drops and splashes, living up to their rugged reputation.
  • Connectivity: The Bluetooth range and the ability to connect multiple devices are praised. However, occasional hiccups in connection are noted.

While many reviews are positive, some users do share gripes. A fraction mentions that the UE Boom 3 lacks low-end punch. Others point out the heftier weight of the Megaboom 3, making it less ideal for on-the-go use. Some buyers wish for more features, like an equalizer in the app. Overall, these speakers strike a chord that resonates well with most.

Final Verdict

Deciding between the UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 can be tough. Both have their merits. We’ve tested them closely. Here’s what you need to know before choosing:.

Who Wins The Sound Showdown?

UE Megaboom 3 takes the lead with deeper bass and a richer sound. Its larger size pays off. UE Boom 3 shines for clear, crisp sound, especially in mids and highs.

FeatureUE Boom 3Megaboom 3
Sound QualityClearRicher

Best Use Cases For Each Speaker

  • UE Boom 3: Great for small rooms and outdoor activities. Its compact design makes it highly portable. It fits well in bike holders or backpacks.
  • Megaboom 3: Hits the spot for large spaces. Ideal for parties or open spaces. Waterproof features make it poolside-ready.

Frequently Asked Questions For Ue Boom 3 Vs Megaboom 3

Which Is better? Megaboom 3 Or Boom 3?

The Megaboom 3 offers superior sound and enhanced bass compared to the Boom 3, making it a better choice for audiophiles.

Is Boom 3 Or Wonderboom 3 Better?

The WONDERBOOM 3 offers longer battery life and enhanced wireless range compared to the Boom 3, making it a better choice for portability and convenience.

Is Ue Or Jbl Better?

Choosing between UE (ultimate ears) and JBL depends on personal preferences and specific needs. UE is renowned for innovative design and excellent waterproof portable speakers, while JBL offers a wide range of high-quality audio products with powerful sound.

Can Megaboom 3 go in the shower?

Yes, the Megaboom 3 speaker is waterproof and can be used in the shower safely.

What’s the battery-life comparison?

The UE Boom 3 offers up to 15 hours of playtime, whereas the Megaboom 3 lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge.

Can Ue Boom 3 float on water?

Yes, the UE Boom 3 can float on water, making it ideal for pool parties and water-related activities.

Is Megaboom 3 louder than Boom 3?

Yes, the Megaboom 3 is designed to be louder with a deeper bass than the UE Boom 3.

Are Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 waterproof?

Both speakers are waterproof, boasting an IP67 rating, which means they are dustproof and can be submerged in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

How Do Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 Pair?

Both speakers use Bluetooth to pair with devices, and they can also be linked together for stereo sound via the UE app.

Which has better sound quality, boom or megaboom?

The Megaboom 3 is known for superior sound quality, with richer bass and louder volume compared to the UE Boom 3.


Deciding between the UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 hinges on personal audio preferences. Both devices offer robust sound and durability, making them ideal for on-the-go music lovers. Consider the Megaboom 3 for deeper bass and longer battery life, or opt for the Boom 3 if portability and cost are priorities.

Your perfect sound experience awaits with either choice.